Natural bricks made from

hemp and lime-




The symbiosis of the oldest plant cultivated by mankind (hemp) with one of the oldest and most tried-and-testet building materials (natural lime) is the building material of the future.


hempcrete carbon negative
hemp bricks
Hemp-Bricks sizes: 6 cm, 8 cm, 12 cm, 20 cm, 25 cm, 30 cm, 38 cm









For almost 60 years we have been engaged in the production of building blocks and prefabricated elements,

industrially but also individually produced.

For the last 10 years we have concentrated on the production of hemp bricks, working a lot on the value chain and complementary products such as hemp plasters and special mixtures of hemp concrete.

The production is located in South Tyrol, close to the Austrian and Swiss borders.

hemp Bricks | hemp plaster | hempcrete

Using HEMP as a building material.


  • only 2 materials in the entire wall structure
  • No additional insulation 
  • promoting healthy indoor air
  • no waste
  • completely recyclable as a building material.

           Circular economy that is second to none!

The two materials are pressed to form a brick using a cold air process.

The hemp plant grows approx. 50 times faster than wood; biomass sufficient for a small single-family house

will grow in only five months on one hectare of land.

The connection of loose hemp shives with natural limestone and minerals make the material as hard as stone and resistant to external influences, meaning that buildings will stand for many generations, saving the the environment and money.


Excellent thermal properties make additional insulation such as polystyrene unnecessary.

Hemp-lime has similar properties to clay regard to air purification and moisture regulation, 

ensuring a healthy living environment and clean air.


The cycle binds more CO² than it releases, actively saving the environment.

CO² negative minus 90 %

hempcrete carbon negative

cradle to cradle

100 % Nature

without compromises!

According to EN 15804 calculations, hemp stone stores about 90 % more CO² than is released during production, resulting in a balance sheet total of minus 90 %.

Hemp field in Vinschgau
Hemp field in Vinschgau