Hemp stone | Hemp concrete


Vermin- resistant


Moisture- tolerant

Heat- accumulating

Heat- reflecting


Energy- efficient

CO² negative (-90 %)

Lasts for centuries

Stable / solid

Tradition / innovation



Ray- absorbing

Lightweight construction

100% Recyclable



Sound insulation

Sound absorption


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Hanfstein Detailbild
Eigenschaften der Hanfsteine

Build without additional insulation


 Due to the high insulation properties, the hemp stone does not require any additional insulation


With 38 cm of outer wall you normally reach

Minergie A Eco

or Climatehouse A Nature


The monolithic construction also keeps the building much longer and the danger of mould formation between insulation and wall falls away

We appreciate pure indoor air

Health needs good indoor air



Energy needs food

Every day we need...


... 1 kg of food

... 3 kg of liquid

... 20 kg of air!

La vita ha bisogno di sicurezza


without...     we live...   ...3 months    

...liquid   ...3 days         

...air   ...3 minutes!

Why should i care???


-  90 % of the energy efficient buildings are airtight 

- 90 % of the time we spend in rooms (Buildings, Public and private transport)

- 40 % of the Swiss population are exposed to high fine dust values

- 20-times a minute we breath

The Lambda is not everything !!

Hemp stones store and reflect heat. Cool in summer, warm in winter

Hemp stones are sound-absorbing.

The coarse surface also regulates the room acoustics

Hemp stones are fireproof

Hemp stones regulates humidity by absorbing moisture, cleansing  releasing it evenly.

Lime disinfects the absorbed indoor air and increases the pH-value of it.


The ideal humidity in the living room and bedroom has an enormous influence on our well-being, but also on energy saving. 
Because subjectively you feel warmer on lower temperatures. 


Hanfsteine schaffen ein behagliches Raumklima

             felt temperature

Hanfziegel schaffen ideales Raumklima


 Natural bricks are capable of degrading persistent odour molecules by absorbing and cleaving them, reducing perception of the smell.
Odour molecules that have been removed are only released slowly into the surrounding air, and thus barely perceived



* particularly effective, certified and tested in combination with an ionizing wall colour

Condensation energy

When hemp-lime absorbs water vapour from room air, condensation energy is released and heating occurs. When water is discharged into the air, the necessary evaporation energy is extracted from the water and cooling occurs. Hemp bricks cause natural cooling in the summer, and natural heating in the winter.


Hanfstein Feuer Test