Hemp brick

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Hemp bricks are not statically viable due to the natural binding material. 30 days after the production they reach 0.3 MPA.
However, the lime hardens more and more over the years and decades and reaches the static load capacity after a certain period of time. For this reason the static must be solved differently during construction, by wooden girders, concrete or steel girders. The brick is then used for insulating or infilling.

Exterior walls with wooden or concrete skeleton construction / wood or clay bricks

Anwendung der Hanfsteine als Außenwand
Anwendung der Hanfsteine als Außenwand

Interior insulation with hemp bricks

As hemp-lime bricks are highly moisture-tolerant and -regulating, prevent mould and have good insulation values, they are particularly suitable for renovations and for energy measures.

Partition walls with hemp bricks

Hemp partition walls
Hemp partition walls

Due to their excellent properties with regard to air purification and moisture regulation, hemp stones are very well suited for partitioning walls.


Hemp sound-absorbing-wall
Hemp sound-absorbing-wall

As hemp concrete is very inhomogeneous, disordered and composed of different densities, they effectively interrupt sound waves, reducing the decibel level. Room sound, too, is also absorbed very well due to the coarse surface.

lay bricks, plaster, cut, milling

Hemp bricks are always bricked up with pure lime mortars, without cement additive.


The hemp bricks are plastered either with pure lime-plasters, hemp-lime-plasters or clay-plasters. 

Best fitting are hemp-lime ground plaster and hemp-lime fine plaster.

For exterior walls and walls on damp ground, a bitumen strip is laid under the wall.
The first row is then laid with aerated concrete blocks, which are coated with sealing slurries on all sides. Alternatively, a hydrophobic offset block can also be used.


Hemp bricks are very user-friendly when cutting and milling. Hand saws, circular saws, band saws, motor saws, masonry cutters or normal milling machines can be used.